Photovoltaik - How from solar energy stream become

One calls Photovoltaik (PV) the direct change of sunlight in electric stream. So that you can generate from the sun stream and be of use, need only few components.

1. Solar modules the modules on your roof are the determining stone if it is about the profit strength and efficiency of your Solarstanlage. With Gentnersolar you place on the high tech solar modules which protect a steadily high solar yield you by excellent efficiency.

2. Rack system of the solar arrangement Protecting with steady clutch your investment on the roof.

3. Free counter DC about this free counter is separated in case of a disturbance or servicing of the change judges from the solar modules.

4. Change judge converts the direct current generated by the solar modules into net-compliant change stream and leads him further in the public net.

5. Counter documented the fed energy amount.

Gentnersolar takes over the planning of the PV arrangement and puts together the suitable components.