Der Weg zur eigenen Solaranlage ist einfach

With our support you come with few steps in the purpose – and then can profit from your self-produced solar stream.

1. consultation
compatible you a non-binding consultation conversation with Gentnersolar. We clear with you all important conditions for a solar arrangement (size of the roof surface, inclination and adjustment). We will tune everything carefully with you and provide an individual offer to you.

2. tax advantages examine and financing apply
Check with support of a tax adviser or your house bank exactly how you subtract your solar stream arrangement tax. Should you want to finance your solar arrangement, e.g., the loan corporation for reconstruction (KfW) offers interest-favorable advances. You apply for this together with the offer at your house bank.

3. Wait only for financing, then begin order!
If the financing is granted, you can order the construction of the arrangement from us and tune the final date of delivery. Clear with Gentnersolar which delivery times need the respective components. The installation of your solar stream arrangement takes up – depending on the surface – only some days. After the Einspeiseanschluss to the public net as well as the decrease of the solar system by the energy supply enterprise responsible for you looks of course Gentnersolar!

4. value added tax
allow to refund from the tax office you receive on inquiry an additional tax number. You need this to let refund the paid value added tax for the Photovoltaikanlage of the tax office. Your tax adviser can take over of course also this step for you. The following documents are to be submitted for it: the connection protocol of the energy supply enterprise and the proof about the payment of the PV arrangement.

5. Financing call
away around the financing to call away, the submission of a copy of invoice is enough at your house bank. As a rule the money is available within less days.

Der Quick-Check für Hausbesitzer

» Ihr Dach ist mindestens 10 m² groß

» Ihr Dach hat eine Süd-, Süd-Ost oder Süd-West-Ausrichtung

» Ihr Dach hat zwischen 15 und 50 Grad Neigung (oder Flachdach)

» Ihr Dach wird nicht durch Bäume, Schornsteine o.Ä. verschattet

Bitte beachten Sie: Auch wenn Ihr Dach nicht sämtliche Kriterien erfüllt, kann sich eine Solaranlage dennoch für Sie wirtschaftlich lohnen