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The KACO blueplanet xi-series is an inverter family that is unparalleled in its class and once again, has set new energy output and efficiency standards. Longevity and reliability have been the outstanding characteristics and key objectives of all KACO developments since our companies creation over 60 years ago. During the middle of the last century, KACO’s mechanical AC-“choppers” created the basis for today’s reliable inverters. Reliability has remained a key characteristic of all blueplanet inverters for years.

KACO is happy to announce the official launch of our latest generation of the blueplanet inverter series.

The 02xi series currently includes the 1502xi, 2502x, 3502xi and 5002xi grid tied inverters. The units come with an integrated connection box with a DC/AC switch satisfying the NEC requirement for disconnecting the AC and DC circuits. Installation is as simple as mounting a bracket to the wall, hanging the inverter and installing a single bolt into the wall. The 02xi inverters are lightweight and easy to lift onto the wall bracket. The connection box allows conduit to enter from left, right, bottom, or rear sides for increased installation flexibility. The new neutral silver enclosure is pleasing to the eyes. The inverter CEC efficiency has been increased for all units to 95.5%. The overall design has been simplified and made more reliable using the latest generation of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) control technology. Field configuration of positive or negative ground is now provided as well as 208 VAC or 240 VAC grid connection with or without a neutral present. Last but not least, the inverters now come with the option of the KACO watchDOG an integrated communication card that allows superior web enabled monitoring of your PV system.

02xi Features:
* Field selectable grid voltage connection for 208/240 VAC and 220 VA (for Mexico)
* Integrated AC/DC disconnect switch
* Input voltage range: 125 - 550 VDC (maximum voltage of 600V)
* Field selectable positive or negative grounding
* User-friendly, KACO display with two-key operation
* Night switch to illuminate the LCD
* Easy to access front flip panel
* Compact and lightweight NEMA 3R enclosure design
* RS485 interface standard
* Inverter is fully separable from the AC/DC disconnect switch box housing for easy maintenance and/or repair
* Electrically isolated dual converter principle in HF technology

XP 100U Features:
* High efficiency - over 96%
* 208 and 480 V grid connection settings
* Interactive graphical TFT touch screen
* Increased energy yield with advanced MPPT capable of reacting to dynamic weather fluctuations
* JAVA enabled web monitoring
* SD card data storage (up to 8GB)
* Variable speed fan with low noise output and increased power savings
* NEMA 3R enclosure - for indoor or outdoor installation
* easyLink data interface - ethernet and RS485 connections
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